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Soooo, it's been 3 months now that I have been bloging about beauty, style , hair , makeup and nails.. So in thiose three months what have been my favorite products that I have used, and what have sucked.. So I thought that i would share it with you today,and give a short summary about them. I also did a last days of summer favorite products look, before it's all about Halloween.. :)  So let's get on with it.. ;)



That brings me to my first favorite: CHROME NAILS!! I can't get enough of it.. I have tried almost all of the colors now, and it's so cool to check your makeup in your own mirrored nails!!



So the next product I have become addicted to is NYX Pore Filler, I swear that i fills up those damn pores like my skin is 15 years old again, It's smooth and easy to apply and not expensive at all! It could not get better than that

The foundation that is my all time favorite, and can't be compared to anything is MAC Studio Finish foundation, the coverage is fabulously high and so creamy but never greasy, also the only foundation that (for me) never gives me any shady blemished skin after daily use. also gives a real photo finish.

The second foundation that i have come to love is NYX, stay matte , not flat. It has really good coverage without looking like plastic (and thats not a bad look btw) so this has become my favorite for those lunch dates and day time makeup, with or without powder over it looks good and is really not shiny.

ok , the fabulous life saver to set all the concealer you could ever use under your eyes, without looking like the damn crypt keeper is Makiash setting powder. I'ts never going to leave my side. The powder is so fine that it feels like water when you put it on, just don't breathe in with your nose when you use it uder eyes, because it will look like you have done coke all night long.. lol :)



Ok these two concealers from NYX are just fantastic, and can almost be compared to studio finish concealer from MAC, well almost, but at approx. half the price they are not bad at all. so I'm in love with the dark circle concealer for day time makeup.. and the other one works so good for eye shadow priming and conceal skin inperfections, but its to oily to use under the eyes if you're over like 21.

MAC studio finish pressed powder foundation have been in my life for as long as I have been doing makeup.. And the coverage is perfect, but i still use it over foundation, (for that retouched perfect barbie plastic look) but alone it gives good coverage for daytime.

Ok, I still have not found a highlighter that is better and more long lasting than Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm, the shine is strobing strong, watch out eppelectics, look away or you will have a seizure for sure.. :)



For those eyebrows on fleek, you need these two products from Anastasia of Beverly Hills.The Dip Pomade Gel and the beauty brows palette. it takes a little practise to get it perfect, but these are so good, and they last forever, unless you draw on unibrows that are three cm thick.. :)

The contouring palette that I have had costum made from MAC is the only one i use for powder contouring and eyeshadows sometimes. As you can see after three years of daily use they are still there.. I mean come on MAC, this is insane how pigmented they are so you need so little, they will probably need to bury me with this palette, and i still havent used it all..

The gel eyeliner from Smashbox is the shit, simple as that, if you want that razor cut winged eyeliner, you need this in you life! :) Also not expensive at all, and super pigmented and it came with it's own angled brush.



Ok, the matte eye shadow palette from Make up revolution was surprisingly good for the price point it's in. The shadows are small but you get so many and they have pretty good pigmentation, but some fallout so have that makiash setting powder thick under them eyes gurl, so the racoon look is only temporary.. but the colors are gorgeous, so all in all i like it.

The jumbo eyeliner from NYX is the only eyeliner that i have ever owned that actually will stay on the waterline in my eyes for a really really long time.. Super impressed with this one. I have it here in black, but also the withe one is amazing.

I also really fell in love with this mascara froom Maybelline, i lost the one i usually buy and was desperate so i got this at a Meny store, but the shocking thing I have not gone back to my old brand that i have used for dosent clump but gives good volume and thicknedd like the name says. In so fucking many words. It's so annoying to say, come on maybelline, get easyer names.. It's like reading a short story to get to the end. but whats inside's good..


Allright, if you like glitter as much as i do, then the glitter palette's from Dazzlize are aaaaaaaamazing, no need for glitter primer-glue, and they stick all night long, but the 3 highlighters that is in the one palette was only good if its applyed to skin that only had foundation but no powder.. So I love the pignentation and i use them for eyeshadows insead, and they work super for that..

And there is no fake eyelash glue for me other that this one from DUO, in the dark color. It's "waterproof" (not really, don't go swimming with fake lashes) but it keeps those puppies on all day and all night!

So the lipliner from MAC in the color Whirl is just so useable, I have it under all light lipstick colors, and it looks so good alone or with lipgloss.


So yeah, guess what my favorite brand is for liquid lipsticks? ;)  NYX, liquid suede is the bomb! Super coverage, smooth and easy to put on, but you need a steady hand.. the colors are intense so if you fuck it up you need a wet wipe or something to clean up the edges..  The same goes for the Lingerie series, but those puppies don't come off even with wet wipes , so use a lipliner, the MAC lipliner from the previous photos goes exelently good with the colors i have here.

The Lips Matter from Beauty UK is good but not as good as the liquid suede series, since they start to clump and scale off if you retouch it, say after eating something. And it just windes up looking gross, but the red one is such a pretty color and are really good, unless you eat something.


The Kardashian Beauty Intimate spotlight highlighter is basically crap, I really wanted this to be glowing for the gods like the Kardashians do, but is more like a slight glimmer far far away in foggy weather.. so even if you apply the whole fucking jar, it would probably just look like you had leprecy or sometnig.. so yeah, don't buy it..


Other than that I was not really disappointed with a lot of the products I bought. but some wasn't great either, but not so bad i had to blog about it.

So i feel like i just wrote an entire bible here.. It's a long post, but if you love makeup than you probably have read the whole thing.


Have a wonderful week!





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wow så masse bra sminke og du er goals innen å sminke:D


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eveliin: åååhhh, så utolig koselig og høre!! setter så pris på det! <3


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Hei :) Det var urolig å flink du var med sminke sjeldent jeg ser noen så gode og ei kjempe fin jente<3 :)


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jente89: aw, så koselig og høre altså!! tusen takk ! :D <3

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