Smoky eyes to the MAX!

Hi you guys! :)


Today I wanted to officially kick of the fall season with a super smoky eye look, almost a bit haloween like, if you are going as a slutface :) So I used a dark brown eye shadow on my entire lid and smoked it out with a rust orange and red shadows, with a black waterline and smudged out winged liner. i paired it with a nude lip, since the eyeshadow was so extreme But if this were for say a Haloween party I would choose a dark burgundy lip or blood red. but not today, satan.. Other than that I did a little harder contouring than you can in the summer months, cause it's so freaking bright outside, and that makes you look like a  drag queen (but i think that is a good look anyway) So I hope you can find some fall inspiration with this look :)


Yeah I got contact lenses on today.. Nobody has those eyes in nature, unless you're a siberian tiger..

Look, a THOT.. :) lol

(That Hoe Over There)

Scream bitches, it's Haloween season now.. ;)

So a little trick I do with my lips to get that Angelina Jolie bottom lip crack is to draw a hard line with the lip pencil under the matte nude-toned lipstick and then just smudge it out a bit.


Here are the products I used today :

#Primer : #NYX , Pore filler

#Foundation : #MAC , Studio fix foundation (nc25)

#Concealer : #NYX ,Dark circle concealer (fair)

#Contouring : #MAC , Sculpting Powder (Shadowy and sculpt)

#Powder : #MAC , Studio Finish (NC25) and, #Makiash , finishing powder (translucent)

#Highlighter : #TheBalm , Mary-Lou Manizer

#Blush: #MAC ,powder blush (peachy)

#Eyebrows : #AnastasiaOfBeverlyHills , Dipbrow (Chocolate)

#Eyeshadow  : #Makeuprevolution ,  matte eyeshadow palette (rust, burnt and earth)

#Eyeliner : #studiomakeup : gel eyeliner (black) and #NYX , jumbo eye pencil (black bean)

#Mascara : #Maybelline , Go Collossal Mascara

#Lipstick: #NYX , Lingerie (corset and honeymoon)

#Lipliner : #MAC , Long lastin lipliner (whirl)

#Finishingspray : #NYX , dewy finishing spray



So that was it for today, hope you liked it, and please comment below if you have any questions or requests.

Have a wonderful humpday makeup people!








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05.10.2016 kl.17:49

Love it!😍


05.10.2016 kl.17:59

Anonym: tusen takk :)


05.10.2016 kl.17:53

nydelig look så flink du er :D


05.10.2016 kl.17:59

eveliin: aw, tusen takk :)


05.10.2016 kl.19:16

pretty! ;)


05.10.2016 kl.20:15

Caroline: takk! :D


05.10.2016 kl.19:20

Knall fint :D Ønske jeg var like flink :D:D


05.10.2016 kl.20:15

Helene: tusen takk :) er bare og øve ;)

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